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Why ebike is so popular in Europe and North America?
Source: | Author:Emily | Published time: 2020-09-10 | 759 Views | Share:

In such a severe situation of the global epidemic this yearevery countries block borders to control the epidemic.As a result, the import and export trade of various countries have been severely affected,China is the same.Many SMEs went bankrupt or laid off employees due to the epidemic.In addition to the shortage of anti-epidemic materials, the unexpected ebike industry has also seen a significant increase.

Especially during the epidemic period in Europe and North America countries, the purchase of ebike has expanded a lot.Before the outbreak, these areas belonged to ebike's
hot-selling areas.

But due to the epidemic, people’s demand for ebike is gradually increasing.As a result, many factories are in short supply. The shortage of accessories makes the delivery time continue to extend.

          The Ebike market is so hot now, mainly due to the following factors
  • Cycling culture has a deep history in Europe. Even with such convenient modern transportation, people still retain the original tradition.
  • People's environmental protection concept is constantly strengthening. With the rapid development of modern industry and transportation, both advantages and disadvantages exist. While bringing convenience and high-quality life to people, environmental pollution is increasing.Whenever possible, people may choose a more environmentally friendly way of travel.
  • Entertainment and sports coexist. Under the pressure of life and work, people pursue a healthier lifestyle, and can get relaxing recreational activities in their leisure time.And ebike has both.
However, there are also some problems in import and export issues, such as European anti-dumping against Chinese ebike, and some customers are not very familiar with the operation process when importing ebike for the first time.

Therefore, Its better that all customers should understand the local policy on ebike before importing ebike.