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The invention of Light Tower
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With the first electric light invented by Edison in 1879,electric light has brought great changes to humans life.In the 21st century,the lighting also plays an important role in the daily life and work of human being.But with continuous development of science and technology,the human demand for lighting equipment is also increasing.

The following factors led to the birth of light tower,

l  Inconvenience to oil field,mine and construction field at night.

l  Inconvenience to camping,night fishing and other evening entertainments.

l  Difficulty in transporting large lighting equipment.

l  Lacking of emergency lighting in sudden natural disasters(flood,earthquake etc

And the invention of mobile light tower brings solutions to these problems.

l  Solving the problems of night lighting in oil field,mine and construction field.

l  Convenience to camping,night fishing and other evening entertainments.

l  Easy to carry and transport.

l  Providing emergency lighting in sudden natural disasters(flood,earthquake etc)

FORX lighting Equipment Co.Ltd is the company with 10 years continuous dedication in R&D and manufacturing.We also launch the light tower to meet the industrial lighting needs.

FORX light towers have the following advantages,

l  Easy to install and operate

l  Excellent design

l  Low fuel consumption

l  Endurable and energy-efficient lamp

l  Smart panel control

l  The noise is below 70db (7M)

l  Camera and remote control are available

l  Convenient to transport

l  Leakage protection system

l  Cummins,Kubota,Yanmar and Chinese brand engine are optional

l  Taillights turn tips

l  Double protection,prevent the mast from accidentally landing

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